For Sight-seeing:
1. Application form
2. Valid Passport
3. Old Passport (if any)
4. Two Photos (see photo requirement)
5. Airline Booking Slip (two ways)
6. Hotel Booking document during stay in Japan
7. Invitation letter (if you have a guarantor)
8. Document certifying or explaining relations to the guarantor (if you have a guarantor)
9. Document certifying financial capabilities
(a) If the travel expenses are borne by applicants
(i) Tax-Income certificate (if any)
(ii) Bank Statement
(b) If the travel expenses are borne by a guarantor living in Japan
(i) Guarantee letter
(ii) Tax certificate, Bank statement or Income certificate (any one)
(iii) Citizen registration or certificate of foreigner registration and passport copy

10. Marriage Certificate (If Married)