Discover the untouched beauty and tranquility of Sajek Valley, a hidden gem nestled in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. This tour package invites you to explore the breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and serene atmosphere of this stunning destination.

Let’s travel from Sajek, the kingdom of clouds and mountains.

6300TK- per person (4 persons per room)

6600TK- per person (3 people per room)

Couple Room – 7000TK- (2 people per room)

Booking Hotline: 01620-113187, 01883965554, 01718-159941

If the AC is normal, it will add 900 taka per person.

1700 will be added per person if AC is Hyundai.

Booking Money 2500TK

Sajeke Special Package with Mysterious Alutila and Tareng.

Where will We go on this tour?

❐ First day

-suspension bridge

-Ruilui neighborhood

-Rock Garden


❐ Second day

-Kanglak Hills

-Hajachara Jharna

-Alutila Cave



Package Included:

> Return bus tickets

> 1 night stay in a tidy room at the resort

> Reserve Mahendra Jeep for 2 days

> 2 days breakfast, lunch, dinner

> Entry ticket

> Experienced guide



Food at the bus stop on the way from Dhaka to Khagrachari.


❐ Package Prize and Child Policy

– Children (1-4 years) free

– Child (4-9 years) 4200/- per person (Adults will get all that they get)

– AC bus (return) will add 1000/= per person.

Note :- There is no service charge / hidden charge in any of our packages.

We provide Customized Package, Honeymoon Package, Full By Air Package.

❐ Day 0 ❐

Departure to Khagrachari from Fakirapool bus stand at 10 pm.

❐ Day 1 ❐

Reach Khagrachari early morning and have fresh breakfast at Hill Flavor Restaurant.

After breakfast, get ready for a jeep ride. Arrive at Sajek and check-in to room, rest after lunch. Afternoon sajeke Sait Singh. Night Bar-B-Q / Tribal Dinner

❐ Day 2 ❐

I will wake up early in the morning. If you stand on the balcony, you will see clouds and clouds. Choose from all our rooms. You will get it from the balcony

Panoramic cloud view. After breakfast, leave for Khagrachari at 10 am. Journey to Dhaka at 8:30 pm after visiting Hajachra, Alutila, Tareng.

The tour ends on reaching Dhaka early the next morning.


Food Menu:

Day 1:

– Breakfast (Khagrachari): bread, bhaji, egg omelette, tea, mountain fruits.

– Lunch (Sajek): White rice, desi chicken curry, sour leaf soup, vegetables, pulses.

– Dinner (sajek): white rice, bembo chicken, vegetables, pulses.

Day 2:

– Breakfast (Sajek): Khichuri, fried eggs, tea.

– Lunch (Khagrachari): White rice, fish fry, chicken curry with vegetables, bharta and dal.

– Dinner (Khagrachari): White rice, duck meat, gourd-shrimp, dal.

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