Sreemangal tour plan
Sreemangal tour plan

Sreemangal tour plan: Hello everyone how are you? I hope it’s good, my best wishes to all who are reading this blog, I apologize in advance for not being able to blog for a long time, today I will take you on a tour of Srimangal, one of the tourist centers of Bangladesh. I forgot that I am Rabiul Islam BUET third year cse department student.

It can be said that we don’t get much time to travel,,, it is our daily habit to hang out in the canteen after studying everyday,, since we are in the cse department, you can understand what is the focus of our chat.

3rd year filan year exams are over, we all had already planned to go on a tour to each village house after the final exam.

As usual we Buetians were chatting in the canteen, planning where to go on tour, everyone was naming different places, Shihab mentioned a place which made us all burst out laughing, anyway let’s not go there, this time we Everyone became more serious and thought that since we will all go to each village house, let’s take a tour first.I already had a vague desire to visit some of the best places in Srimangal, I suggested everyone to visit the places inside Srimangal, everyone agreed.


Started the tour of Srimangal, since we were a team of 30 people we all decided to go by bus. There was a travel agency I know, they would make us visit Srimangal, the interesting thing is that there were two Nepalis in our friend circle, they came to Bangladesh to study and they can speak Bengali very well.

Finally the date of our going to Srimangal is fixed on 24th November every Thursday, our bus will leave Dhaka at 11 pm on Thursday. Our bus was air-conditioned and it was winter. Finally, I don’t know how to express how excited I was for the ant trip! Basically my special attraction of Srimangal was Sitesh Babu’s zoo. Who is this Sitesh baby and what is his identity, I will tell you a little later.


Finally, the desired Thursday arrived. We had already said that our tour would be of two days, that is, we would leave on Thursday night and reach on Friday morning

Today Thursday 24th November I am happy to think that we will be traveling all day. I didn’t take anything in my bag, just binoculars and binoculars, a power back for the camera and a good battery backup.

First let’s say a little about Srimangal.

Srimangal is the capital of tea with twenty two leaves. winter city Rainfall is high. A raft of clouds floating in the blue sky overhead drenches the body with rain at any moment. This is like a rain game. This city of tourism is busy with domestic and foreign tourists. Nature has adorned itself in its glory. High mountains around.

Tea garden along the hill village. The existence of lemon and pineapple gardens is revealed by peeking through the gap between the mountains. Tourists from all over the country flock to this city of tea tourism throughout the year. Apart from domestic income, foreign currency is being earned from tea export and tourism sector. No one keeps track of those whose labor this income is. The tea workers are scattered with silent cries of happiness on the bends of the hill. The sound of this cry does not reach the ears of the head of the country. Will their tears never stop?

Even after 73 years, the labor exploitation left behind by the British is still going on in the tea plantations. How the tea companies have made the tea workers who are the owners of the country’s exporters as third class citizens. The relationship ended until 120 taka was paid after weighing 20 kg of tea leaves in the garden. It is officially prohibited to interact with them, starting from the manager of the mill and the officials.

It can also be called a kind of tea garden law. In the course of time, the country’s society and people’s lives have changed, but the fate of the tea workers has remained the same. Behind a twenty or two pages, the stories of the suffering life of the tea workers are buried in the tea garden. Who knows this story?

Our bus left from Syedabad at 11 pm, the tour director brothers were distributing one t-shirt each, I immediately took the t-shirt, our bus left Dhaka for Srimangal at 11.30 pm and we

Finally we reached Srimangal at 4:30 am, according to the tour director brothers, we four friends were divided into a team, we offered Fajr prayer at Jannatul Ferdous Masjid, after praying we fell asleep in the mosque.

where we stayed

Srimangal is the land of natural beauty Nisarg Eco Resort is an eco resort located at Bhanugach Road in Radhanagar area. This resource we stayed. This eco resort has various types of eco cottages and AC rooms. Staying in these cottages, we enjoyed a unique taste of nature. Nisarg Eco Resort is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.

As soon as we entered the resort, we saw many trees Some of which may bear sweet fruit or some medicinal plants. Walking past these rows of trees makes me feel better Besides, there are different flower gardens inside the resort. The resort has various facilities for the entertainment of the travelers. There is also separate entertainment for children accompanying the travelers. Meetings inside Angina Resort keeping in mind the needs of the visitors,There is a separate space for training or meetings. Moreover, the resort has its own catering facilities. Every food prepared here is delicious. While choosing the resort, you should be sure about the security measures of the resort The security system of Nisarg Eco Resort is very advanced and quality


You can spend your vacation with family at Nisarg Eco Resort. They have good facilities for car parking and also room for drivers.


We took Brishram to the resort and went out again in search of release, we hired a CNG.

It was a thrilling experience at Sitesh Bhabu’s zoo

Sitesh Babur Zoo is a privately owned zoo located on Mission Road. It is actually the residence of Sitesh Ranjan Dev, the founder of this zoo. Sitesh Babu built his mini zoo which is now the Wildlife Seva Foundation in this house located next to the Ramakrishna Sevashram. The zoo is currently managed by Sitesh Ranjan Dev’s son Sajal Dev

Sitesh Ranjan Dev, once a great hunter 45 years ago, his father Srish Chandra Dev started Seva Ashram for animals The dashing boy Sitesh got the habit of his father’s addiction and love for animals While living with his father, he never realized that he had become an animal lover. He faced death many times while hunting.

The return adventure is also a thrilling story. In 1991, the infestation of wild pigs increased in Patrakhola tea garden of Kamalganj The tea plantation authorities resorted to Sitesh Babu. Sitesh Babu hunted with two guns in the garden all night While hunting, he fell in front of a bear about eight feet long. Much of his cheek, along with his right eye, is lost to the bear’s paw Treatment continued for two months. Even if he is healthy, the terrible paw print remains on his face

As soon as you walk through the entrance of the Wildlife Service Foundation, you will hear the chirping of birds and the colors and chirping will come to your ears. You will be amazed to see these rare species of birds Sitesh Babur

Sitesh Babu’s zoo has wild swans, chakha, sarli, raj sarli, tea bird, dhanesh, harial, green dove, wild cock, dahuk, water pigeon, blue-throated spring bouri, teal dove and pheasant, myna, teal, parrot, mountain buck, etc. species of bird

Wall pictures related to the activities of Wildlife Service Foundation will be seen Rare species of golden Hanuman will be seen in Sitesh Babu’s zoo One can see vulture, white buck, rare species of golden tortoise, venomous conch snake, mechho tiger, snake. The special feature of this golden colored turtle is that they live in trees, they never want to go into the water, they are sometimes seen wandering in the swamps. They like to eat dry food.


One of the attractions was the tea museum

The Tea Museum is located in Srimangal Upazila of Moulvibazar, the famous tourist town of tea capital. It is the first and only tea museum in Bangladesh. This tea museum has hundreds of years of tea plantation history and tradition. This tea museum was built in 2009 by Srimangal tea board initiative to show the different varieties of tea, various elements related to tea cultivation and the history of tea cultivation to the new generation.Bangladesh Tea Board’s ‘Tea Resort and Museum’ is located two kilometers along the road that goes from Srimangal town towards Kamalganj and Shamsher Nagar


The tea museum has a total of four small rooms, two side by side and two a few yards apart. There are tools of torture on the one hand, and various tools used by the workers on the other There are various equipments used in tea plantations during the British rule, special coins used by tea workers, hundreds of furniture used in British bungalows, British period filters, tea tree folding table, pruning da, planting hoe, ring spade etc.

The tea museum has a remarkable collection Amazing portrait of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Behind the empty chair-table stands Bangabandhu, dressed in white Punjabi pajamas. Fascinated by seeing the huge picture Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the Chairman of the Tea Board in 1957-58. And that luck came to the beautiful tea garden of Srimangal The chair on which Bangabandhu used to sit during the meeting is here with care.


Spent the whole day at Sitesh Babu’s zoo and tea museum, returned to the resort and left again in the morning.

Neelkantha Tea Cabin’s Seven Color Tea

Many people know about seven colors of tea in seven layers in the same glass. This tea is more surprising than tongue watering The name of this artistic and attractive tea has crossed the borders of Bangladesh long ago. Those who visit Srimangal do not forget to taste Satranga tea. Ramesh Ram Gaur (42) has been making this seven-color tea for about 12 years. He has two shops – the Manipuri-dominated Ramnagar in Srimangal and the 14 Rifle Battalion canteen on Kalighat Road. His two shops are named Neelkantha T-Cabin.

He also said that this tea is prepared by combining clone tea and different types of spices Currently, seven tier tea is Tk 70, six tier Tk 60, five tier Tk 50, four tier Tk 40, three tier Tk 30, two tier tea Tk 20, high special tea Tk 20, special milk tea Tk 10, green tea Tk 5, Ginger tea is being sold at 5 taka, red tea at 5 taka and lemon tea at 5 taka.

Madhbupur Lake

Surrounded by high mountains Km south and 10 from Srimangal Kilometers east. The glitter of the lake Madhabpur Lake (Madhabpur Lake) is really beautiful. It is 40 water from Moulvibazar city, shade intensive environment, making the presence of Shapla Shaluq more charming. The more slowly you move forward, the better it will feel The smell of green leaves will refresh anyone’s mind upon reaching Madhavpur Lake Green hills all around. High hills as well. A row of trees in a flat tea garden


Madhavpur Lake is like a magical landscape painted by nature. Blue sky and dark green hills, this beautiful scene of tea garden like a picture of an artist will take you to a different world. In Madhavpur Union of Kamalganj Upazila Location of Madhavpur Lake in Patrakhala Tea Garden. To this lake through tea garden road full of potholes have to go Madhavpur lake sparkling water, shadow Intricate environment, Shapla Schalk The presence evokes a mesmerizing feeling.

Hum hum shower


Hum Hum or Hum Hum or Chita Jharna (Hum Hum Waterfall), is a natural waterfall located deep in the Rajkandi Reserve Forest of Kamalganj Upazila, Moulvibazar District, Bangladesh, in the Kurma Forest Bit area. Many locals call it Hammam Jharna. This waterfall has been hiding its glory behind the public eye for a long time This waterfall has not been seen by anyone for a long time due to the inaccessible path and being quite outside the locality The stream of clear water is rolling down the body of the mountain like a hard rock. The babbling sound of the stream flowing from a height of about one hundred and fifty feet on the lonely, quiet hill is flowing to the plain. Nameless foliage, bushes, bamboos, wild flowers and fruit trees have guarded this fountain, a wonder of creation with supreme mercy. It is not easy to turn your eyes away from the wonderful beauty of the wild spring.


Birshrestha Sepahi Hamidur Rahman Memorial

Bir Shrestha Sepoy Hamidur Rahman was born on 2 February 1953 in Khorda Khalishpur village of Maheshpur upazila of Jhenaidah district. His father Mr. Akkas Ali is a poor farmer and mother Kaysunnecha is a housewife. Bir Shrestha Sepahi Hamidur Rahman served in Ansar Bahini for a short time in 1971 and joined the traditional 1st Bengal Regiment as a soldier in the then army on 2 February 1971 AD.This brave soldier actively participated in the war of independence of the motherland and achieved great success against the Pak invading forces in various operations. At the end of October 1971, he along with his comrades launched an armed attack to defeat the invading Pakistani army at Dhali border post in Kamalganj upazila of Kamalganj upazila in the end of October 1971.

Amit bravely came within 50 yards of the outpost and fought gallantly to free the said outpost and the adjoining area in the battle in front of the enemy army outpost on the Dhalai border. Martyred by an army bullet. In recognition of the contribution of this valiant soldier to independent Bangladesh, he was awarded the title of Vir Shrestha. Bir Shreshtha Sepoy Hamidur Rahman was buried in Ambasa village under Kamalpur district of Tripura state in neighboring India.

Recently, his remains were brought back to the country and buried with due state honors at the Shaheed Buddhiji Cemetery in Dhaka. Many of us have Madhavpur Lake on our list when visiting Srimangal. From Madhavpur Lake, proceed further 10/12 km southwards through ‘Dhalai Tea Estate’ along the same road to ‘Dhalai Border’. Bir Shrestha Sepoy Hamidur Rahman Memorial (Memorial Rahman) has been established in the BGB camp of this border.


At the entrance to the BGB camp, this beautiful memory can be seen on the right hand side After the whole day’s sightseeing, we came back to the resort, we really enjoyed today. Then at night our bus left for Dhaka.




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