Best sonargaon tour in Bangladesh
sonargaon tour

Best sonargaon tour in Bangladesh: October is an ideal time for traveling, neither cold nor hot. Our honors exam was over and we were waiting for  viva – there is not much pressure of studies.So I planned a small day-long tour with my friends. Since most of my friends are in or around Dhaka, we all decided to go somewhere so that we can return within a day.

After talking with everyone, I decided to go to – in Narayanganj. Where we will see the folk art museum, Panam Nagar and the Taj Mahal of Bengal.

One of Our Friend Fayaz’s home is Narayanganj, He informed me about the transportation arrangements. About lunch  he said, as it is a popular tourist zone, there are many hotels and restaurants nearby – there will be no problem.

The bus to Sonargaon leaves from Gulistan, so it was agreed that we would all meet in front of Stadium Market at 9 am the next day. There were 32 of us in all. The next morning, everyone left for Gulistan at about the same time, but Mihir was  late as usual. Even though Fayaz’s house is NarayanGanj, he stayed at my house that night, because he wanted to have fun with us

We were 32, so I calculated that we would need a bus. AC bus fare from Gulistan to Mogra Para intersection on Dhaka Chittagong highway is 70 taka. Since we are taking the entire bus, they agreed to reduce the fare by 5 taka per person.We reached the destination having fun the whole time.from there we went to the folk art museum for 10 taka per person CNG. Some things need to be cleared about the museum.

Many people think that the Folk and Crafts Museum and Zainalabedin Memorial Museum are the same. But the main thing is that these are two different museums. In 1975 Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin established the Bangladesh Folk and Crafts Foundation at Sardar’s house in Panam city. Everyone knows it as the Sonar Gao Folk Art Museum, but apart from this museum, there is Zainul Abedin Memorial Museum. There are only two galleries in this entire building, one of which is wooden.

But the main attraction is the Folk Art Museum. It houses the Museum, Karupalli Stage, Library ,Foundation Centre, and Crafts Village, Zainul’s Snagram sculpture, Banga Bandhu’s 7th March Speech bust sculpture  are located in the foundation premises. The entrance fee of the folk art museum is 50 taka, but being a student, we saved by paying 30 taka. At the entrance, there is a sculpture of a bullock cart based on the famous painting of Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin.

About 4,500 ancient artifacts are preserved here. The museum has a variety of artifacts ,hand-crafted by the ancient sculptors of rural Bengal.In these galleries handicrafts, pot paintings, masks, folk musical instruments, terracotta plaques,rural furniture, houses, agricultural implements, carvings, women’s ornaments  and many ancient artifacts including iron, copper, cast brass utensils, and folk ornaments are displayed.

Best sonargaon tour
Best sonargaon tour

Folk and craft exhibition fairs are held throughout the winter in the local grounds. We luckily found the fair. The shopkeepers were  displaying   various goods.  Textiles, bamboo-wood-cane household items, brassware, nakshi kantha, bed sheets, winter sheets etc. are available for purchase.

The cultural episode is going on  the peacock-studded stage next door. There was a crowd of folk music and baul songs. Our friend Tutul played  a dotara ,sang and danced and got everyone excited. From the Sonargaon Folk and Crafts Museum, the crescent-shaped Panam Pool can be reached by walking north. Beyond this pool is Panam Nagar and the Panam Road. It is one of the 100 destroyed historical cities in the world. Known as the lost city, this city carries the memory of hundreds years.

Panam Nagar is the oldest city in Bengal.It is  full of residential one-story and two-story houses on both sides of the road. When our historian friend (!!)  Rumki was describing to us that among these three cities of ancient Sonargaon – Bara Nagar, Khas Nagar and Panam Nagar, Panam was the most interesting city.There are many centuries old buildings here. which relates to the history of the twelve Bhuiyans of Bengal. 52 ancient houses on both sides of the road were creating a supernatural atmosphere.

 However, the most surprising thing was the modern urban planning, water supply and drainage systems could be glimpsed even inside the ruins. Apart from the residential buildings, there are mosques, temples, monasteries, guest houses, bath rooms, dance halls etc. A university was established here in 1400 AD where renowned teachers taught. Perhaps there was also a slave market here.

sonarga tour
sonarga tour

Besides, there were some other buildings around the city. Such as Chhota Sardar’s house, Isha Khar Toran, Neel Kuthi, Banik Basti, Thakur’s house etc. There is also a small but excellent folk museum here.

The Pankshiraj Canal runs along the side of Panam City. Where boats can be toured on hourly contracts.Although many of my friends went, I did not dare to go because I do not know swimming.

The rest was to see the Taj Mahal of Bengal. However, as it is 18 km away from Panam and it was lunch time, we came out and had lunch at the restaurant, but like other tourist zones, the price of food is extra high. After lunch, we bought a ticket for 150 taka and entered the main building of the Taj Mahal.

But when we entered, we had mixed reactions. Those who had seen the real Taj Mahal were disappointed, and those who hadn’t were overwhelmed.

However, after the whole day’s fatigue, it felt good to sit at the pond wharf . A few selfie  fanatics went and took pictures at Rajmoney Film City Studio. Sculptures of Bangabandhu and Indira Gandhi are placed side by side with replicas of Egyptian pyramids. Shooting spots, cinema halls are all there, the work of building the Eiffel Tower is going on behind ! It’s time to go back. Everyone is taking with them the noble memories of an ancient city…


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