Bandarban tour spot

Bandarban tour spot: A long time ago. This area was home to many monkeys. They used to go to get food from the thick forest across small canals. When the group returned, it looked like a dam from a distance. The Marma residents saw this, and named the area Magsi. Its name in local language is Bandarban. Gradually, the present name is Bandarban. Bandarban is an exciting and mysterious district like this story. So everyone wants to visit this district at least once.


We boarded the bus and left for Bandarban tour spot. Mountain paths, winding roads. Rolled like a wave. Just a breathtaking view of the mountains as far as the eye can see. Chandraghona came and saw that there is no bridge on one of the branches of Sangu river. Have to cross the ferry. To many, this ferry crossing is ironic, but I have never crossed a ferry in my life.


We leave for our scheduled bus at 7.30PM, finally reaching the desired Bandarban at 9.15AM. Meanwhile, the brothers in charge of the tour have already hired the car. The name of the car is Chandergari. Hearing the name will make anyone curious. And it is supposed to happen. This car has no roof. Daylight can be clearly seen while sitting. Although the moon is visible in the sky at night, only the sun is visible during the day.


After breakfast in the morning we boarded the moon car for the Nilgiris. 5-6 cars in Ekadhar is very good. Nilgiri mountain is 46 km from Bandarban city. The position of this peak is high above the ground. On the way Chimbuk hill falls in front. After visiting these mountains for a while, we left for Nilgiris again. Having climbed to its highest peak, sitting on the ground, we sat down to breakfast.


Thanchi from Bandarban city We hire Chander’s car to go to Thanchi from the district town. A moon car can seat 12 to 14 people. There were 4 of us and the only going fare was 4000 Tk. All share this fare on the way to Thanchi, at Remakri Army Camp you have to show your national identity card for entry. And from here you must take a tour guide with you.


Thanchi has basically the most tourist attractions. Which cannot be visited in one day. So, bring at least two days to this upazila. You can choose the resorts or hotels located on Thanchi Road to stay. Bolipara BGB camp is better than that. Its location is just before entering Thanchi. Here you can find food, markets, camping, boat trips, and rent cottages for accommodation. Or if you have the opportunity to stay in the house of a local adivasi, you can also stay there.


golden temple 


This golden temple is located in Bandarban tour spot. It is the biggest temple in Bangladesh. In the local language it is called Kiang. Around this temple located on a green hill, there are some kind of festivals almost throughout the year. You can reach here by any local transport from the city. However, the stay of tourists is prohibited here after 7 pm. And here is a rule everyone has to follow. That is, no indecent or skimpy clothing is allowed here and shoes must be taken off to enter.


blue sky Nilachal is located in Tiger Pad, just 5 km from Bandarban city. You can enjoy the beauty of the entire Bandarban from this area which is 2000 feet above the sea level. If there is no cloud in the sky, the distant Cox’s Bazar beach will also beckon you. You can touch the clouds with your hands when you come here in Monsoon, Autumn and Hemante. You can easily reach this place by hiring a jeep from Bandarban.


Clouds are flying around. Playing in Shuvrakesh. Sometimes it hides on the side of the hill. Sometimes it opens again and passes into the blue sky. On the other horizon, it is as if the sky has fallen. I will understand this. This time I visited rock falls, front of Buddhist temple, Meghla resort and lastly Nilachal. Sometimes there is prayer, eating and drinking, and rest. I did not see colored soil in Rangamati, I saw monkeys. But I did not see any monkey (monkey) when I came to Bandarban!


This mixed frustration and question is everyone’s. Meanwhile, I am moving forward through the cloudy risotto with the gentle touch of Aditya’s gentle breeze in the fall afternoon. There are two suspension bridges at this spot. Just before crossing the second suspension bridge, a small scale zoo was found. A small leopard is sitting in the front cage. As the saying goes, a tiger is a tiger even if it is small. The little tiger felt a lot of love. But their violence is not small! That’s why I couldn’t touch it.


A little further, the monkey cage was seen. 3-4 monkeys are playing inside. Audience delight. By this time, I saw the monkey of Bandarban. Someone is photographing monkeys like a skilled photographer. Someone is busy taking selfies with monkeys again. Like everyone else, I thought I would take a selfie! But monkeys talk. There is no static for a minute. Joyful jumping is going on. The effort was in vain. I move forward without wasting time. Now you have to cross the hanging bridge.


Meanwhile, before going to Nilachal, I talked to some mountain youths. Their language is very vague. However, our conversation continued. But when they wanted to take a selfie, they refused. I am speechless. The hill people have not yet accepted the Bengalis. Standing next to take pictures; So much reluctance! Of course, if I tried harder, I might have been able to take pictures. But early on, the initial idea changed.


It’s almost late evening. The twilight of the western sky is about to disappear. Now it’s our turn to say goodbye. But the mind does not want to leave! Get lost in the fascination of nature. How small the city of Bandarban looks from the top of Nilachal. How the lights of the city shops, Oligli are twinkling! Tamisra covered forests throughout the surrounding vast empire. How diverse is the life of hill people. I remember two lines of that song.


There was no problem as I crossed the Kaptai suspension bridge early in the morning. But in the afternoon it is crowded with tourists. The hanging bridge of Meghla resort is swinging impossibly because of so many people. Carelessly, some are falling on each other again. Despite all this, tourists do not stop taking pictures.


Nilachal Location is about 4 km from the city. The last spot on our trip. Must travel well. God knows best when the time will come. I traveled with my friends for a long time. Taking pictures, taking selfies with selfie sticks are all there. English Jh (S) is a shooting spot. Sitting on it, we sit for songs, jokes, plays. Regional song “Madhu Hoi Hoi Anre Bish Khawaila” in the voice of Chittagong’s elder brother Sikdar Bhai… Today it’s in this corner. ..


Suddenly the call came from the boss. Our traveling companions are waiting in the moon car. Only we are still sitting in the lap of Nilachal. What a surprise! When did everyone leave us? I called everyone and started walking in a hurry. A little further, I met Shahid Bhai of Feni. He had to come all this way to find us. I was surprised to see such a sense of responsibility towards us. Now we all reached the caravan. Chand’s car ran into the water of the city. This time we hotel M. I came to Amirabad.


Dinner is here. After a while it was time to return to Dhaka. Everyone is busy shopping. But why do you like to visit the city! Yet shopping is also necessary to see the lifestyle of traders in the region. So I went with my friends. As if the queen of nature has a touch of magic in every pore of this mountainous region. Mind-boggling array of forms. The more I move forward, the more the sound of Nupur of a villager is playing in this eardrum!


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