Sundarban Travel Experience and fun facts
Sundarban Travel Experience and fun facts

Sundarban Travel Experience and fun facts: I have traveled to many places in Bangladesh, except the Sundarbans. I wanted to visit the Sundarbans for a long time, but I never got a chance. Sundarbans cannot be visited alone. If you want to go around, you have to launch with the team and then go around. You can travel alone anywhere else in Bangladesh, except the Sundarbans. Now there is an opportunity to visit this wonderful place. In the gathering of friends, one of them said that if everyone goes on a Sundarbans tour together, what will happen is the idea. The journey to the Sundarbans began.


Dhaka to Sundarban

As I had three days off, I could easily leave for Sundarbans. 19. Ali and Saddam came with me from Dhaka. They are both my classmates. I work in a small IT company.

 Our journey starts from Dhaka in the morning At 9:00 a reserved bus transports to the beautiful forest

We came from Aricha. Had to wait for a while for the ferry. Like Dhaka Comilla or Chittagong highways, this route probably doesn’t have as many breaks. By the time we reached Khulna, it was 8 pm. Almost everyone left before us.

Sundarban Travel Experience and fun facts

Reaching the Sundarbans and unknown witnesses

We got down from the bus at Jele Ghat. I came here and  waiting for sagor bhai. Then after sitting down to eat at a shop here, Sohan Bhai came to take us to the launch. Sohan bhai said there is breakfast for us at the launch. Then we ate one by one. Then I got on the launch. The launch was a little far from the wharf. So to get on the launch, first had to get on the trawler. After doing that trawler we went to the launch and boarded the launch.

Reaching the Sundarbans and unknown witnesses

There were around 30 tourists with us. Four of them were my friends. Due to the delay, all the rooms in front of the launch have been booked. There were two rooms at the back for us. The problem at the rear is engine noise. Leaving the bag in one, I climbed onto the roof of the launch. I went and saw that almost everyone was on the roof. A lot of sun on the roof of the launch. Shades of cloth are arranged to protect from the sun. A seating and dining area has been created on the roof of the launch.

Reaching the Sundarbans and unknown witnesses

I went to a room and slept. Then food was given again. Cake and papaya. I ate and slept again. When I woke up, it was time for breakfast. By that time we had reached the Sundarbans.

Breakfast consisted of large tengra fish, vegetables and chicken. After everyone had eaten, we landed at a point. Name Harbaria Ecotourism Center. To get down to Harbaria, first have to get down from the launch to the trawler and then to Harbaria on the trawler. Pools have been provided for Harbaria tourists to walk easily. We walked over the pool.

Reaching the Sundarbans and unknown witnesses

A lot of security has to be maintained to visit the Sundarbans. Many types of permissions are required. Then two guards were given from the forest department. Then permission to roam is given. We had managed these things in advance. Two security guards have been provided with us from the forest department. They will be with us the whole time. When we go somewhere, one security guard will be in front, one behind. In the middle we will walk in line.

Besides, high bridge-like roads have been constructed for people to walk at almost every point of Sundarbans. Even if the water rises during the tide, tourists can explore the beautiful forest. Again, it is difficult to walk through the breathing root of the Sundarbans. This makes it easy to walk through roads like this bridge. Everything can be seen in a good way.

We could see deer when we got down to Harbaria. There is a pond here. Pond water is fresh water. Forest animals come from far to drink fresh water. We started walking and then saw more deer. One security in front, one security in back. I came to the pond and sat for a while. I walked here and there. Then I returned to the launch by trawler. By then it was evening. We had evening breakfast, tea or coffee and all sat together and started chatting. Many people come here from many places. We don’t know anyone well. So the introduction phase is first. Then the cultural program. Performed independently, including songs. 


Sundarbans sunset At night the roof of the launch was very windy. Instead of sleeping in the room, I fell asleep on the sofa on the roof of the launch. Had a great sleep. You have to get up at 5:30 in the morning. In the morning we will descend at a point in Katka, Jamtala. After waking up in the morning, Subhash Bhai made a wish. Today is October 20th. give birth to me Then another person made two wishes. After freshening up with tea and biscuits, we went down to Cuttack by trawler. When we got off the trawler we were given an apple and a bottle of water each. Cuttack has beaches. From where we landed, it will take about 45 minutes to reach the beach. We started walking. The sun did not rise as it was early in the morning. So walking was not a problem. So many deer were seen in Katkat

I saw deer very close. Many deer. Together they started eating grass. He became alert after seeing us. And once entered the forest.

Reaching the Sundarbans and unknown witnesses

Some of us went to the beach and played football. Some people sat and watched nature. Some people took a walk. Then I came back. On our way back we lost our way. After walking for a while I found the way and then slowly started coming back. By that time the sun started to shine.

On my way I saw plastic and many water bottles left by previous tourists. There was only one bin in the entire area. The bin was falling. Many bottles were lying around the bin. Because monkeys throw everything in the bin to look for food, so. Later they put the foreigner in the bin and put all the bottles inside the bin. When they started putting bottles in the bin, others with us also started helping.

We were very tired after walking so much in the morning. Everyone came back to the launch. Then I ate breakfast. Breakfast was khichuri, egg and eggplant bhaji. After eating, I went to another point. Another point next door. It is also cute. There were many deer here too. The path was made so that the tourists could walk easily. We walked and saw everything. The seder that happened a long time ago was all broken and thrown away, it is still there. Many trees are down. We have come back to the launch after seeing this.

From my own experience 

Thus after spending a few days in the lap of nature in the Sundarbans, we returned to our own lives. We chose the water route to return. That is to return to the city by direct launch from Sundarbans. That experience was also amazing.

Those few days in this ultimate haven of nature provided me with the resources to survive for the next year. That’s why even today, when I go to sleep in the soft bed of the city house, the memories of the night spent in the launch or the tiger watching from the window of the tree-house on a full moon night come to mind.


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