Best resort in sajek valley
Best resort in sajek valley

Best resort in sajek valley: We travel somewhere every year, so will this holiday be different? Dad wanted to go on the Sajek Valley tour for a long time, but due to time, it was not possible, I was ready to go to Sajek, we all happened after a long time, after dinner, we were chatting on the roof of the house, that day was the full moon night.

four sides were clearly visible, sitting on the roof on the night of Purnima Aha,I don’t know how to express how charming it is. My cousin, Rifat studies with me, my classmate, and yes tell a little about me, my name is Ramin, I am a 3-year computer engineering student from BUET, Rifat also studies the same subject, Rifat is very good at programming,


Father and uncles were discussing where to go on a trip, we have to do whatever the uncles decide together, I mean, why don’t we talk about them, they have the last word.

sajek valley

Finally everyone decided to go to Sajek Valley, we all agreed, when this father said that we will go to Sajek this holiday, we cousins ​​started cheering. So far I have only heard about Sajek and read in books, this time I was lucky enough to visit Sajek Valley, I was very excited.


One the day of going to Sajek, everyone wears the same dress


The planning to go to Sajek Valley started, we were 20 people with three families, 5 friends joined me at my invitation, that means we are now a team of 25 people, we all decided to wear white t-shirts and white hats. My cousin was smart and modern, with cameras, bluetooth, speakers, binoculars, etc.


We hired Shanti Paribahan bus to go from Dhaka to Sajek. I went directly from Dhaka to Dighinala in Khagrachari by Shanti Paribahan. Shanti Paribahan is the only transport that goes to Dighinala. Car (Chander car) will be hired from Dighinala to Sajek. They have to pay like 8 thousand rupees. At around 11 am our car along with other passenger vehicles left for Sajek in army escort.

sajek valley

Sajek Yatra of 34 km distance started from Dighinala. I was very tired, but as soon as the journey of Chander’s car began on the mountain road, that fatigue disappeared. I believe that the beauty of the way to and fro will make half of your money back. And the driver of Chander’s car is driving uncles! With your headstand, the mercury of fear and excitement will rise. Full First and Furious Genre Driving.

You must enjoy driving them. And all the slopes, bends and steep roads on the road will increase the level of enjoyment a little more. It will take three hours to reach Sajek from Khagrachari. We arrived after 3 o’clock. After entering the hotel, food was ordered. I rested for a while. After an hour the food was ready. Hunger was extreme. Chicken meat, vegetables and dal gogras khelaValley


First let’s talk about Sajek Valley

A popular tourist destination of Sajek Union under Baghaichhari Upazila of Rangamati District, Bangladesh. Sajek Valley is situated on the northern border of Mizoram in Rangamati district. Sajek is bordered by Tripura in India to the north, Longadu in Rangamati to the south, Mizoram in India to the east, Dighinala in Khagrachari to the west. At present almost all types of security are ensured for the tourists traveling to Sajek.


Sajek can be visited all year round. And there is no risk of landslides or landslides in Sajeke. Sajek Ruiluipara and Kanglak Para are composed of these two neighborhoods. Established in 1885, Ruilui parish is about 1720 feet above sea level. Kanglak Para is situated on Kanglak Hill at an altitude of 1800 feet. Sajeke is mainly inhabited by Lusai, Pankhowa and Tripura tribals. Sajek’s bananas and oranges are quite famous. Most of Rangamati can be seen from Sajek Valley. That is why Sajek Valley is called


Directions on how to get to Sajek Veli

If you want to go to Sajek Valley, you have to come to Khagrachari district first. Sajek can come from different parts of the country in different ways. AC/Non AC buses of different transport companies like Shyamoli, Hanif, Saudia, St Martin Paribahan, S Alam, BRTC etc. come to Khagrachari from Dhaka. Non AC bus fare 520. However, Shanti Paribahan comes up to Dighinala, the fare is 580 taka.

sajek valley

From Dighinala one has to go to Sajek via Baghaihat. Permission is required from Baghaihat Army and Police Camp. It is mandatory to take it. On the way you will pass Kasalong Bridge, Tiger Tila Army Camp, Masalong Bazar. After passing the market, Sajek’s first village Ruilui will pass. The height of this village is about 1800 feet. Sajek will reach from Ruilui Para in a short time.


Local Chander car/jeep rentals are available from Khagrachari town or Dighinala. You can go to Sajek by reserving this car. One car can seat 10/12. In one day Sajek walked around


Who does not want to chase white clouds. It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t want to get lost in the clouds, talk to the clouds in the sky. But in this city of concrete, clouds are a liability. But if you want to get lost in the kingdom of clouds and float in the raft of clouds, there is a place surrounded by extraordinary beauty in our country.


Sajek Valley is called the most beautiful place in Bangladesh. It will be said or not! All the beauty of nature has come to one place. Besides being the most beautiful, Sajek Valley is also the largest union in Bangladesh. Let’s know how to go to Sajek Valley, the kingdom of clouds.


Sajek Valley is located in Rangamati district. It is the largest union north of the Mizoram border. Its area is about 702 square kilometers. Sajek Valley is bordered by India’s Tripura and Langadu to the north-south and Mizoram and Khagrachari by India to the east-west.


Although located in Rangamati district, one has to reach Sajek Valley through Dighinala in Khagrachari. But if you want to go through Rangamati, you have to go by sea. In that case you have to reach Sajek by walking through Kaptai.


Distance from Khagrachari to Sajek is 70 km. If you want to go to Sajek from Khagrachari via Dighinala, the distance will be 45-50 km. Army camp on the way from Dighinala to Sajek. Permission to go to Sajek must be obtained from Army Camp or No. 10 Baghaihat Police Camp.


Before reaching Ruilui Para, the very first village of Sajek, one has to cross the Kasalong Bridge and the Kasalong River. Ruilui Para is situated at an altitude of 1800 feet above the plain. This is the beginning of the beautiful hills of Sajek.

Sajek Valley has immense potential for dining Catering facilities

Sajek Valley has several luxury resorts to stay at. But if you want to stay at the resort, you must pay a lot. Apart from the resort there are also several hotels. But they are not very advanced. Moreover, there are several tourist motels in Khagrachari and Dighinala and their quality is quite good. However, Dighinala has a few guest houses that are quite attractive. You can stay in them if you want.

If you stay in a resort, motel or guest house, there are good quality food facilities. Besides, if you want to eat the traditional food there, you can go to the place called Pankhai Para. Next to it is the New Zealand neighborhood. So if you go to eat there, you can also visit this place. Moreover, if you want to sit with the tribals and taste their traditional food, you can go to Ruilui and Kanglak neighborhoods. If you tell them in advance, they will make you the food as per your requirement.

Sajek Valley is a beautiful combination of the white of the clouds and the green of the forest. With three helipads, all the beauty can be easily seen from sunrise to sunset.


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