Saint Martin Travel’s awesome  Beautiful experience 
Saint Martin Travel's awesome  Beautiful experience 

 Saint Martin Travel’s awesome  Beautiful experience : Traveling in winter is like the sea. Mild cool weather, calm waves, and the gentle roar of the sea are other names for rest and peace. In our country, the winter season comes along with the holiday season. Schools and colleges are closed, and universities also have winter vacation. Even at this time of January, the mood of the holiday did not fade. So friends can visit Saint Martin together. If you see this blue sea once, its magic will stay in your eyes forever.

Dhaka to Saint Martin 

I am a 3rd year computer engineering student from BUET. I can’t say that I don’t have much time to roam, one day I was hanging out with all my friends in the canteen. Suddenly, Ruman said, how is it going to be on the next vacation. We all agreed to it, many places were mentioned, finally I said, how about everyone going to St. Martin, then everyone showed their interest in going to St. Martin by cheering me on, and the plan to go to St. Martin began.

Today I’ll be taking you on a tour of St. Martin, so buckle up everyone, I’m going to do a lot of mischief in between blogs so sorry in advance, 

We were a team of 40 friends, all of us wearing white T-shirts. Our scheduled bus transport to St. Martin which started at 7.00 pm, I was immediately with camera and binoculars, it was 9.00 am to reach St. Martin Poshcha,


Then we all went to Teknaf ship wharf, we all bought sea truck tickets, the distance from Teknaf to Saint Martin is 9 km. You have to cross the rough sea here. Sea is calm during winter season so it is much safer to visit here during this time.


When I saw Saint Martin for the first time in my life

When I reached the shores of St. Martin, I was shocked. Often, the white sand layer is visible under the deep water of rivers and seas. But in St. Martin, I see the colorful stone dream kingdom! Ruman said, Saint Martin is the only coral island in Bangladesh. The various colors that can be seen under the water are dead corals. I have never seen coconut beethi so big and so big above the head. Dry fish is being made around. This island of several square kilometers can be explored in a short time. However, in the southern part of the main island, another direction is rising. That island is called Chhera Island by locals. I forgot to eat lunch while touring St. Martin Island.

When I saw Saint Martin for the first time in my life

As the ship crossed the river Naf from Teknaf and entered the sea, I was lost in an infinite passion of blue. The closer I got to the island, the more I thought ‘When will I get off, when will I run into the sea water!’ But if you run like me in St. Martin, you will be wrong. As there is fear of poaching, there are countless corals. So it is wise to proceed with caution.


Seafood fun in St. Martin is different


Another fun in St. Martin is the seafood. Fresh fish is cooked in various ways, barbecued. I went to the hotels and chose the fish of my choice. Then it was prepared as soon as I wanted to eat it. But as I said earlier, St. Martin is not a place to eat fast food or grilled chicken. Go near the sea and eat sea food. Crab, Lobster, Prawns are also available here. And yes, you can eat as much fish or seafood as you want! 


The beach or the island is always loved by everyone. The roaring of the sea and the cool breeze make everyone’s heart flutter. A different kind of thrill is created within oneself. The wonderful combination of sea and blue sky can be seen there. Therefore, when winter comes, the interest to go to St. Martin increases. From November to April, tourist crowds can be seen in Saint Martin.


Let’s talk about the history of the island of Saint Martin


Saint Martin is the only coral island in Bangladesh. It is located south of mainland Bangladesh. This island is located 120 km away from Cox’s Bazar district of Chittagong. If you want to travel to Saint Martin you must have long travel experience. The island is 7.3 kilometers long and has an area of ​​about 8 square kilometers. This island is also called ‘Coconut Jinjira’. Apart from the main island there is another small island known as ‘Cheradeep’.

Let's talk about the history of the island of Saint Martin

In the local language it is called Narikael Jinjira. The stunning natural beauty has grabbed the place among the top five tourist destinations in Bangladesh. The endless blue sky and the gentle waves of the water, the rows of coconut trees have overwhelmed the tourists. Foreigners come to visit this place not only from Bangladesh but also from different countries. Here you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset.


Some of the early history of Saint Martin Island is – Saint Martin Island is located at the mouth of the Naf River, about 9 km south of Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar district and 8 km west of the coast of Myanmar. It is under the union of Teknaf, the island sunk into the sea many years ago, the existence of the island was found about 400 years after the sinking. About 250 years ago, this island was used as a resting place by some Arabian sailors, hence the origin of this island.


Arabs named this island Jinjira, Jinjira is an Arabic word meaning island. In the 17th century Arabs used to trade in Chittagong city 250 years ago, they used this island as a rest stop during their journey from Chittagong to Southeast Asia. It is the only coral island in Bangladesh. Over time the name of this island changed, people know this island as Jinjira. Over time, this island became a Bengali-dominated area.

Let's talk about the history of the island of Saint Martin

People have started living on this island since before the independence of Bangladesh. People have settled here since about 100 to 125 years ago. Currently, thousands of tourists flock here to see this island. Around 1900 AD the British survey team considered this island as part of British-India. The name of Cox’s Bazar and Saint Martin’s were given to the British. Saint Martin is named after the Christian saint Martin.


Around 1890 AD, some Bengali and Rakhine people started to settle the island. The settlement of this island started with only 13 families and currently there are 7 thousand people living here. Bengalis and some Rakhine people started living in this island. This island had thickets like Cox’s Bazar. The people here planted a lot of coconut trees on the island to relieve mental fatigue.


Torn Island Tour


What happens if you go to St. Martin and don’t go to the Torn Island? Large engine boats leave St. Martin every afternoon to Torn Island. No, no one lives there. The journey is made with travelers. You can also go by speedboat. I saw a big rock near the torn island. Locals call it seasonal stone.

I asked Ruman why the name of the stone is Mosumi Stone. Ruman said that heroine Moushumi came here to shoot her first movie and she had to sit on this stone. Since then it has such a name. It was low tide when I was there so I walked back to the main island from the broken island. It is a different experience



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